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Quick answer:

Get high on THC. (You know, weed, Mary Jane, the ganja, trees, etc?)

Longer answer:

I was sitting in a Hooter’s with my girl friend one afternoon and the edibles we had polished off earlier in the afternoon in her apartment were starting to take effect. As we waited for our Honey Thai Chili Pepper wings delivered by Ashley/Bambi/Kristi, the top heavy waitress, we found ourselves entangled in a THC fueled philosophical conversation about our minds and levels of conversations and what it truly means to be “high.”

The Elevator Analogy

So basically, there are many different types of conversations to be had in this world. Let’s think of it as an elevator: so there’s this elevator and you get on it and as you move to different floors, the depth of the conversations increase. But this elevator takes a really long time to go to different floors and there are different things pulling it up the floors like trust, vibes, proximity, what have you. Now, let’s move up the different floors in this proverbial elevator.

There’s the small talk shit-the how are yous, what are you doing, how was your day, what’s your favorite blah blah blah-Then we have the conversations to be had with closer friends-the nonsense your significant other pulled the night before, the latest way you disappointed your parents, places you see yourself in the future, and of course, sex. Let’s call those conversations level one and two talks.

As we grow to trust someone or as there is an increase in one of the things pulling the elevator up the floors,  we can move to level three conversations: religion and it’s place in our lives, past traumas and how it effects us, and insecurities/anxieties and their toll on our day to day lives.

Usually in a lifetime, conversations make it to level three but don’t go much further. But the thing is, there are more levels. There are levels that have you contemplating your own existence in this world: why are you ACTUALLY here? what purpose do you serve?Why does a tree do the shit it does? There are levels that ponder our role in our society: are we pawns? how are we playing into the agenda of others? who determines what is normal and dysfunctional? And so much more!

Because levels one and two can be so consumping…think about it: of course we want to talk about our day, it’s what’s in our minds-fucking Judy from work stole my stapler and I know it was her but if I make a big deal about it I’ll look like the dumb one but man-FUCK Judy! And of course we want to talk about the shit that Marcus pulled last night- like it was damn near three oclock in the morning and he wants to pull up talking about some “hey baby I miss you.” Now I know you don’t miss me you miss this booty and you need to stop acting like you’re Boo Boo the Clown because I need my sleep if I’m gunna make it to work before anyone else so I can check Judy’s desk for my stapler…We BARELY make it to level three. To even make it to level three we’d have to be able to think past our day to day life’s petty problems and be surrounded by people who foster level three thinking and subsequent conversations. So now try making it to level say, seven, like, ever!

So here’s where THC comes in:

When we get high, that’s what we’re doing: getting high. We’re moving through the levels at a fast past. Our minds are able to think past the day to day and head to the deeper levels at a faster pace. It’s up to us to keep up. Now, keep in mind there are a lot of other side effects to THC: Memory impairment, dry mouth, hunger, anxiety, paranoia, and sleepiness to name a few, so although the drug does catalyst your access to these higher levels, your mind is easily distracted along the way.

The point is….

This site and all the post on it were created while high for people who are high. I’ll say it again: for people who are high. Think about it: if you are on the first floor of a building and someone from the fifth floor says something to you, it’s going to be hard to understand them. You’ll be all confused and they’ll get frustrated. But once you take that elevator up to their level, then the conversation can begin.

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